Indian Real Estate: A Profitable Venture for NRIs

The real estate market in India is growing at a rapid rate, due to which the investors are getting a high return on property investments. Along with the major cities, investors have found it beneficial to invest in smaller ones too. Over the past few years, it has been evident that foreign investors are eyeing on the Indian real estate market due to the alluring profit. The latest trend in the market is to invest in hill stations, as these places are developing with each passing day and are expected to give a high return on investment.

It can prove to be very profitable for Non Residential Indians (NRI) to invest in the market, as it is constantly growing and is sure to reach the crescendo in a very short time. Let us discuss a few advantages for NRIs to invest in the Indian real estate market.

  • Investing in real estate in India can be very profitable for NRIs, as it is sure to give them a higher return. Leverage on real estate creates a positive impact on their financial statements.
  • NRIs can invest in Indian real estate, which they can later use as their retirement home. Having a home in the hill stations can be bliss, as they will be able to spend some peaceful after retirement.
  • Reverse Mortgage is also an advantage for NRIs to invest in real estate. According to the concept, the amount taken from the bank consequent to Reverse Mortgage is not added as income for Non Resident Indians.
  • NRIs can use their property in India for rent, thus getting an extra income. They can even sell the property when needed.

With so many benefits this is the right time for Non Residential Indians to invest in the real estate market in India.